Reports of Sexual Abuse at Cashmere Convalescent Center

Legal Guidance for Family Members of Abuse Victims

The Board of Nursing Home Administrators is investigating reports of sexual abuse at Cashmere Convalescent Center in Cashmere, Washington. If your loved one is a victim of sexual abuse at this facility, you have the right to seek legal guidance. With the help of an attorney, you can seek justice on behalf of your loved one.

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News sources report that a dementia patient at the care home repeatedly abused patients by forcing them to touch his genitalia. In another instance, staff members saw the man take a key to the dining room, where he abused another resident by touching her breasts. The facility notified law enforcement, claiming that the resident was “unruly,” and that he was “getting more and more sexual with some of his exploits.”

State authorities found the facility failed to report a string of similar occurrences of sexual abuse against residents. According to the Director Nursing Services at the facility, Cashmere didn’t contact the state sooner because, “there isn’t anything we can do until [the resident] crosses the line.” Now, the family of one victim is looking for answers, asking how the abuse failed to “cross the line” and why the facility chose to conceal it.

Failure to Report Repeated Sexual Abuse

By law, nursing home facilities must report any occurrence of sexual abuse to the state. According to family members of a sexual abuse victim at Cashmere, the care home was aware of the situation, but did not report the abuse to authorities. When Senator Barbara Bailey heard the story, she said, “It’s illegal. So we do need to do further investigation…Mandatory reporting is extremely important. It is the law.”

How Cashmere Ignored Sexual Abuse of Multiple Residents

After one victim’s family discovered the abuse, the Board of Nursing Home Administrators launched an investigation to determine what happened and why the facility didn’t contact authorities sooner. According to the Director of Nursing Services at Cashmere Convalescent Center, the facility viewed the abuse as consensual behavior between dementia patients, even though one at least one of the victims was bed-bound and unable to call for help or communicate the abuse to facility personnel.

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