Dunbar Center

501 Caldwell Lane Dunbar, 25064

Below Average
A rating of one to five stars based on the health inspection, staffing and quality measures rating combined into one.

Dunbar Center is located in Dunbar, WV. According to investigations conducted by Medicare between 1/1/2013 and 12/31/2013, the facility had 30 health deficiencies when the average number of health deficiencies in West Virginia is 11 and the average number of health deficiencies in the United States is 6.8.

Immediate Jeopardy

  • 1 immediate jeopardy deficiency cited by Medicare on March 14, 2013 when the facility failed to adequately assess a cognitively impaired resident who was experiencing pain due to poor dental status. The resident had pain when eating and during oral care. Several of the resident’s teeth were observed missing and the teeth that were present were observed black, broken and decayed. The resident was asked if she had mouth pain by the surveyor and she said yes but that she could not get anything for the mouth pain. There was no evidence this pain was assessed and addressed and there was no evidence that the facility had a process to ensure that the cognitively impaired resident was assessed daily to identify if she was suffering from pain and/or to ensure she was getting proper pain relief.

Other Deficiencies

  • A recent lawsuit against the owners of the Dunbar Center allege that a woman entered the facility on October 25, 2013, during which time she sustained an unexplained wound to her elbow, infection and weight loss. The resident died on November 19, 2013. The defendants are accused of negligence, premises liability, malice and/or gross negligence for their disregard for the resident’s safety.
  • Dunbar Center has been named Special Focus Facility by CMS. Dunbar has remained on the Special Focus Facility list for 6 months as of 1/15/2015.